I'm Jessica Riccardi, an illustrator, animator and graphic designer. I'm from San Marino, the oldest republic in the world. My artistic training began at the Scuola del Libro an Art Institute in Urbino, where I chose a specialization in Animation Cinema. In 2013, I graduated with my bachelors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. On my third year of studies I attended one semester at the German university HAVE, in Hamburg. After experiencing various approaches to design, I decided to obtain my master’s degree in graphic design and illustration at the ISIA in Urbino. Over the years, I have acquired solid technical skills in the field of graphic design, illustration and animation.

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The Dupont Circle Hotel

Neo Sim

Primis Teething

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ValueMED Pharma – packaging

Stosa Cucine



The 9 castles

The lame shall enter first

The metamorphosis

Hypothesis of perfection

RSM 301 – Tradizionalismo e rindondanza


Les Quatre Cents Coups

Forum Lampedusa Solidale



Gena zare

Points of view

Synoptic winds

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